“Christy tackled a hopeless bedroom and made all of my dreams come true.  She incorporated color and pattern along with the most perfect compliments of artwork to round out the project.  Her vision is a true talent not to mention she is a joy to work with!”

-Amy T.



“We live in a mid century modern house. Everything that Christy has done for us in our home provides pockets of comfort and class that mixes beautifully mid century design, children and dogs! She has an incredible eye for detail in our home. I am grateful for and appreciate her work EVERY DAY.”

-Emily H.



“Christy was the ultimate professional!  She handled every detail and served as the point person for many subcontractors that were involved in our project.  I work full-time and can’t be home to meet the various subs, and she always went above and beyond to handle each and every matter that came up with our project.  She was organized beyond words, and I would use her again in a heartbeat!”

-Melissa M.



“Christina Nicole Interiors is a dream to work with. The designer listens to what you want, looks at things you love, and presents you with a range of options – each more appealing than the next.  If you’re open to it, she might drop in a few surprises to help you think outside the box.”

-Amy M.



“I love how Christy can create a room to any style her client has a vision for. For my family living area, she started with an awesome rug that I immediately loved and she worked the furniture, art and accessories accordingly. Not only is she talented, she has as an amazing visual eye and knows how to bring a space to the finish line. In addition, I personally love calling her a dear friend.”

-Ashley W.