Christy was born in Chicago and moved to Fort Worth, TX when she was eight. She went to college in beautiful Richmond, VA- Go Spiders!- and studied in Paris, France for a semester where she cultivated an appreciation for style and design as well as a love of Nutella and good wine.

Christy has always had passion for color, pattern, and texture. She loves incorporating these elements into her design work. In her words, the color green is actually a neutral- “just take a look outside and see how we are surrounded everywhere we look in nature by multiple shades of green that meld seamlessly with other colors”.

Christy has spent her entire career in the residential design field, the first nine years working at a high-end design firm in Fort Worth and the last ten building her business in Dallas.

When not flipping through fabric samples, Christy is busy being a mom to two beautiful and strong young ladies. Her loves include spending time with her daughters, laughing with her husband, being in the sun (preferably at the beach), sharing a glass of wine and good food with friends and family, and immersing herself into a really good book or Netflix series.